The General would like you to answer a question. Who’s fault is it when you don’t reach your goals? Before you answer, please allow The General to digress for a moment. How often do we see a crime or incident on the news and we’re either told, or it’s glaringly obvious, that passers-by could have […]


The Beast Within

The General would like you to answer a question. When did you last make progress? Be honest. For some of you, the answer will be instant and obvious. Some of you make progress every week, every workout. You push yourselves every time you train. You have a structured workout with short, medium and long term […]


Who Do You Want To Be?

The General used to train at a gym used by one of the local professional football teams (soccer, if you’re one of our readers in the USA). These guys used to come in every week and perform a few half hearted squats before moving on to the main focus of their workouts…yes, you’ve guessed it – […]

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