Wake Up

Some questions have no answers. Some questions have simple answers, but people don’t like those answers: Why do the scrawny boys with no functional strength or muscle size feel the need to do a nonsense of an exercise like decline bench press? Why do the overweight guys with no functional strength or stamina think that […]


How Simple Do You Want It To Be?

The General has two friends who have both been pestered for their ‘secret’ recently… J-Dog has been asked by many of her friends to show them how to use Kettlebells so they can be as fit as her. The F-Unit has admirers and wannabees who want to know how to have abs like her. The […]


Lick The Chicken

Happy Sunday, Comrades! Does The General mean Happy New Year? No, ov corz not. Throw your calendar away, and understand the most important thing about your new year’s resolution: It’s a lie. To your family, your friends, and more importantly, to yourself. You don’t need to wait for the year to roll over to change […]


What are you?

What are you? A man? A woman? You may be either, but either way, we are all the same. We are all just animals. We are designed to do certain things: Run Climb Leap Fight Can you still do these things, or have you devolved by Western society into a weak, deskbound and phyically incapable being Worse […]



The General is trusted by many people. This is an honour, and he is always aware of this trust that people place in him, and the responsibility it brings. People trust us. We trust them. We all hope that we trust in the right people. But sometimes, despite our hopes, our trust is misplaced. Sometimes […]

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