Call To Arms

I am back. Where I have been is not important. Just know that I have been training hard, pushing my Spartan Warriors to new heights of strength and endurance. And you? Where have you been? What have you done? Are you stronger, fitter, faster, slimmer now than you were 6 weeks ago? If not, you have […]


The Number Of The Beast

Day 6 of The General’s bodyweight challenge dawns tomorrow, and brings with it the challenge of Day 6: 666 Pull-Ups 666 Push-Ups People keep asking me if I’m really going to see this through. By way of answer, I quote my good friend and training brother W2: “Word Is Bond” Talk is cheap. Walk the […]


Step Away From The Comfort

Greetings Comrades, Straight to the point… This weeks training: Monday: 100 Pull-Ups/100 Push-Ups Tuesday: 200 Pull-Ups/200 Push-Ups Wednesday: 300 Pull-Ups/300 Push-Ups Thursday: 400 Pull-Ups/400 Push-Ups Friday: 500 Pull-Ups/500 Push-Ups Saturday: 600 Pull-Ups/600 Push-Ups Sunday: 700 Pull-Ups/700 Push-Ups Can I do this? I do not know. But if we only attempt things we know we can […]



Today, The General and his friend Lewis dead lifted and pull-upped for 10 non-stop sets. Later, my two training brothers, Ironman and Comrade Al, and I stood for a minute holding two 40kg Kettlebells in the rack position. We followed this with some lighter holds and overhead presses. Our sister Snow Leopard joined us…yet again […]


Rule 8: Get A Kickass Partner

For those of you who don’t understand the title of this blog: 20 Burpees, Go to Blockbuster and rent the excellent movie “Zombieland” Then continue reading…. The General is lucky. He has some great friends and training partners: Ironman, Pete The Animal, Snake, Big Al, The Murph, Mitch. All of these guys live close to […]

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