No smoke, no mirrors.

I’m about to tell you three secrets. Secrets that will get you the body, the strength, the endurance that you demand. This sounds like I’m pushing some sort of sales scam, but I’m not. You don’t have to send me your email, credit card, or any other details. These secrets are free. Why? Because you […]


This Is How We Roll

Before I begin, let’s get something straight: I don’t want to stop anyone doing things they enjoy. Why would I? So, today I’m not saying don’t do the things you enjoy. I’m just saying this: Think about your goals…and how you’re approaching them. Because, if your goals are fat loss, muscle building, increased strength, or […]


The First Step

When you take the first step of a journey, you never really know where it will end. Where… Or if. Check the map. Plan your route. Nothing ever happens the way you expect. Nothing. Do I say that like it’s a bad thing? Of course not. Fate, Destiny, call it what you want. It’s for […]

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