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eVOLVE Online

If you don’t live in central England but like our philosophy and you want to make meaningful changes to your training, your lifestyle, and your health and wellbeing, please keep reading….

We appreciate that not everyone has the time, the resources or the schedule to allow regular one to one training sessions with one of our highly trained and uniquely skilled coaches, which is why we’ve introduced a distance training package to suit people who understand the need for a personalised, structured and progressive training programme and diet.


Our e-VOLVE Online Personal Training system offers you:

  • A fully personalised training and diet plan!
  • Up to 3 different weekly routines!
  • A plan targeted specifically at your goals, your lifestlye, and your body!
  • Planning and worry free training – just print out your programme or read it directly from you phone when you’re at the gym!
  • And most importantly you can train WHEREVER YOU WANT & WHENEVER YOU WANT!


But you’ve had programmes from the internet, and magazines before, you’ve followed them enthusiastically, but still not got the results you wanted –  how is this different?

Because all the enthusiasm in the world won’t help you reach your goals without a structured and personally designed training programme. Sadly most people approach training with either no programme at all, or with a generic health magazine plan designed for Mr or Mrs Average – that’s fine if you ARE average, but at Sparta we don’t believe anyone is average.

Before we go any further, take a look at these sets of sample results from two of our recent eVOLVE trainees:

Mr. L
• Decreased bodyfat from 16% to 11%
• Lost 1 inch from his waist
• Gained 2 inches on his chest
• Increased Pull-Up performance by 54%
• Increased Press-Up performance by 27%
• Increased endurance by 14%

Mr. N
• Decreased bodyfat from 17% to 13%
• Lost 2 inches from his waist
• Gained 2 inches on his chest
• Increased Pull-Up performance by 17%
• Increased Press-Up performance by 25%
• Increased Endurance by 12%

(Note: All of these figures come from strictly monitored and controlled testing & measurement carried out at the beginning and end of the 12 week period. A breakdown of the full results is available upon request to course participants)

How much will it cost?

Well first of all, in which terms are we talking? Financially? Emotionally? Mentally? In terms of health, time, life, self-esteem, happiness, pride, confidence?

Can you really put a price on your health?

How much do you pay for your gym membership? Add that to the cost of classes you attend and let’s take an estimate average of what you spend versus the results you’re getting. Compare that to e-VOLVE  – a programme that will not only get you into the shape you’ve always dreamed of, but will also leave with you knowledge and techniques you can keep and continue making progress with for the rest of your life!

And the better you are at training, the more time-effective it can be. You don’t even have to schedule getting to the gym!

The more time-effective it can be, the more leisure time you get to spend with your partner, family, children, hobbies and leisure.

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