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Why Functional Training?

In gyms, health clubs, and fitness magazines, the typical ’workout’ consists of isolation movements and machine exercises for muscle ‘toning‘, extended aerobic sessions for ‘fat burning‘. and some sort of Gym Ball balancing for ’core stability’

People who should know better, from Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers to the editors and authors of magazine articles, want you to believe that pointless activities such as lateral raises, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, leg extensions, and gym-ball crunches, combined with 30 minutes of boredom on the cross-trainer or exercise bike are going to somehow transform your body.

If this was true, we’d live in a world of fit, healthy people. Take a look around you…

Why are you being fed this misinformation?

Sadly, the answer is either greed or ignorance.

At Sparta we aim to get results fast, as our Testimonial Page proves. We’re not interested in membership retention or readership figures, we’re interested only in helping you to exceed, excel, and evolve. We do not offer a single generic programme, but a specific personalised programme involving diverse and unique physical challenges built around a pillar of core exercises, and supplemented by a healthy, sensible eating regime.

There are no gimmicks, no secrets, no crazy diets – just results!

The Science

If you’re interested in the science:

Sparta programmes utilise Eastern European fitness and strength training protocols, and Western metabolic conditioning systems to condition bio-motor abilities and stimulate a response in your body’s hormonal system. Elevating the output of positive hormones within your body mimics the hormonal changes only normally activated by steroid and growth hormone use, but without any of the detrimental side effects.

Among the benefits of this type of training response are increased fat metabolisation (i.e. fat burning), increased muscle mass, and increased bone density.

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