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Russian Martial Arts

Russian Martial Arts

Russian All-Round Fighting (RAF) is a modern versatile martial art, based on Russian and Soviet traditions of hand-to-hand fighting, wrestling and fencing, and Craig Gilkes of Sparta Fitness is one of only a handful of non-Russian certified instructors in the world.

One to one Personal Training and small group training is available, and can be focused on either fitness, strength, or combat depending upon your requirements. Different levels and programs of training make RAF open to people of various ages and levels of physical ability.

Elite Russian training methods, using no equipment other than your own body, will melt away fat and build functional strength and flexibility, as well as giving you the body of an athlete.

At the highest level, the training involves full-contact fighting, and its effectiveness is being tested in regular competitions, street fights and combat situations as well.

RAF is a modern system which prepares you for the most common dangers of the modern world. We value historical traditions only because they contain enormous practical experience. All of our training is focused, simple, and efficient; true functional training for the society we live.

Whether you want combat skills or just awesome fitness, Russian Martial Arts will deliver it.

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