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He Aint Heavy...

You don't need weights to lift weight: functional training at it's simplest

All Swing Together

Kettlebell Instructor training at Studio CV34, Warwick.

Strong To The Core

Core strength comes from many places...but not from doing hundreds of sit-ups

Strike First

Simple strikes and kicks at RAF training - easy to learn, effective to use.

When A Standard Press-Up Isn't Enough

Anywhere can be a gym, especially a beach in California!

Flexibility = Speed

Nothing is neglected...we turn over every stone.

Speed = Power

Sometimes, offence is the best defence.

No Kettlebell For The TGU?

The Turkish Get Up is an exercise in stabilty and fluidity...the resistance is not always an issue

Improvise And Adapt

Kettlebells are not essential for this exercise!

Happy Days

"I like a man who grins when he fights" Sir Winston would have loved Russian Martial Arts

Press Up Time

You don't always have to do press-ups on the floor.

Rana, 54, Hairdresser and Athlete

Size, gender or age are not barriers to being an athlete

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