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If you’re still wondering whether Sparta is right for you, read this sample of quotes and true life
stories from clients…

Rob is a former Basketball Player, who had lost fitness following a serious ankle injury

“Hi Craig,
Just a big thank you for the RKC [Russian Kettlebell] classes they were fantastic, you’ve
helped motivate me to start the journey back to fitness again!
In the 5 weeks we did the classes I have dropped:
10lbs in weight, 4cm from my waist, 3.5 from chest and 2cm from
neck – total 9.5cm in 5 weeks!
Pretty good results!! Am looking forward to more sessions and Being all that I can be”
Kind regards

Robert Pleming

Nav had a good background of regular training, but was not developing the body shape
and functional fitness that he wanted:

I had always been curious as to what a personal trainer could offer me – how could someone
take me to the next level and give me the shape and definition I’ve always craved?
I was beginning to lose track and felt I was going into a rut. I gave Craig a call and we arranged a meeting. I was sceptical of what the meeting was going to be about, however,
Craig was friendly, and from the first handshake made me feel comfortable. We discussed my goals, and what he could offer to help me achieve them. He discussed what the pattern of the training programme would be, and the commitment I would need to achieve my goals.
From day one, Craig pushed me to that next level! He took me through the different ways I
could change the shape of my body and boost my strength using hard work, rest and
Step by step, he was there through the pain and drops, reassuring me and giving the
motivation to get that extra rep, set or burpee jump!
Craig has shown me the path of taking your body to the brink without pushing you over the
edge. I found he never dictated what was right or wrong, he just moulded the programme
around me.
In only a few short weeks I’ve seen drastic changes. Craig’s taken me to the strongest I’ve
ever been physical and also mentally. The programme has given me new found
confidence which I have been able to take into my job and personal life, I have never
regretted my decision to start training with Craig, and he has given me the core elements
to continue pushing and take myself to that next level….giving me the value and
discipline of a true Spartan!
Thank you Craig for support and guidance through the training programme and I look
forward to our continued training”

Navdeep Sihota

A committed ‘non-exercise’, Mandy was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis – a
theoretically progressive and degenerative illness.

It has now been about a year since I was wheeled out of hospital, swollen joints, aching
muscles 60% of my skin thickened and hanging off, no diagnosis – just a promise of disability
benefit and a social services care package.
Not the life for me, I knew that but couldn’t see a way forward. I was so worried meeting you
– I hate exercise. The Doctors had said to learn to live with it, but I didn’t want to. I was very
surprised how intently you listened and how much knowledge you had. I expected you to
laugh when I told you what I wanted (remember, I didn’t know you then).
My life now is so different than predicted, I’ve been back at work for 6 months, walking
very upright, gaining muscle tone and physical strength by the day.
Just wanted to say, meeting you that day to tell my story not knowing what response I was
going to get, and to ask for help is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done.
So glad I did!
Thank you so much, however my illness progresses I will always be grateful to you for
helping me learn to live with it, my way.

Mandy Stone

Emma is a regular exerciser, but was making little progress and was unhappy with her
upper body and core strength:

“The first time I trained with Craig, I could only manage one full press-up, but I enjoyed the
session enough to return the next week. I’ve been training with him ever since and am
stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been:
I can now do 80 (yes, eighty!) full press-ups in a minute!!”

Dr Emma C

Lesley had a history of medical problems, that were having a serious impact on her
ability to carry out everyday tasks:

“I am 63 years of age, with High blood pressure, Asthma, and Osteoarthritis in both knees.
After a consultation with Craig, a programme was designed for me for immediate and short
term priorities. The immediate aim was to build up strength in the muscles to help support
my knees. This programme is reviewed every so often. It has enabled me to use the
equipment in the gym more effectively, to get the best results, rather than just “play” at
exercising. I was also given advise on the best diet for osteoarthritis.
My knees are improving, and I have cut the painkillers down by half. I have also reduced
my medication down for the Asthma, and my blood pressure is improving. I am losing
weight, which again helps my knees, Asthma and BP.
A friend said to me the other day, that I was walking better. So it is not only me noticing the
Thanks Craig,

Lesley Farley

Simon had been training for several years but his progress had stalled, despite trying
various training systems and diets:

“23.4% body fat, 87 Kilos. Not bad for a 44 year old bloke, you might say. I’d agree, except for one thing…I wanted better – less fat and less weight!
Over the last 2 years I’d lost 12 kilos through slow and steady ‘traditional’ training combining weights and CV, but with little structure and knowledge. Then I hit the plateau: nothing – no change in weight or shape for weeks on end. Heartbreaking…what could I do?
Having seen the Sparta Kettlebell ads in local magazines and at my gym, I rang Craig to see if he could suggest anything, and see if he thought the Kettlebells would work for me. I took his advice, which was well planned and presented, and took the plunge by booking 20 sessions of 30 minutes each over a 4 week period.
Having bitten the bullet I threw myself into it! I’m not going to say it was easy, Craig worked
me hard but fairly, taking me to my limit on each session but not to the point of recklessness.
I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of the workouts. Craig’s style and delivery was confident and motivating at all times, and I could feel the benefits even when I was
struggling.. Craig knew when to push me and when to stop – excellent!
The Result: 4 weeks later I still weighed the same – shock! But then I looked at the new
Body fat now 17.9% – down 5.5% in 4 weeks. Brilliant!
Fat gone and replaced with muscle. Double brilliant!
Waist down 2 inches and my t-shirts were now tight in the right places. Triple Brilliant!
I can only say that these changes in my body were purely due to the Kettlebell sessions and
Craig’s nutritional advice. Dont wait for ages on the plateau like I did – do it now!
Cheers Craig,

Simon T

Dawn had tried several different exercise classes, diet systems, and
personal trainers before contacting Sparta Fitness:

“After joining a new gym I knew I had to do something more to keep me there. I read up on
local personal trainers and decided to book a session with Craig and to be honest from that
day I have not looked back.
Even on the days when I really feel I can’t train I always leave our sessions feeling great and
motivated – Craig’s friendly and positive attitude to our training has given me confidence
within myself and the belief that I can and will achieve my goals with his help.
Over the past nine months my weight has dropped, I have toned up all over and I am stronger than I ever thought I could be!

Dawn Holliday

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