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The Truth

We are animals.

Our bodies are designed to run, to fight, to climb, to move.

Traditional training methods that treat your body as a collection of individual body
parts and train it through artificial, stylised movements don’t work – that’s why we
don’t use them.


If you’re looking for bodybuilding type isolation exercises, ‘cardio’ days, ‘fat
burning’ machine workouts, or high rep ’ab’ blasts, you’re in the wrong place.
If you’re looking for guaranteed results, however, you’re in the right place.


There are no gimmicks, no fad diets or ‘secret’ exercises, no miracle supplements.
In place of the ‘traditional’ training tools, we provide fundamental and proven
exercise techniques from around the world. Techniques learned on travels and
training ‘tours of duty’ in Scandinavia, Russia, and the United States, coupled with
lessons learned through self experimentation and years of cutting edge training


Greek legend gives us the story of Milo of Croton. This champion wrestler from the
6th Century BC developed his superhuman strength by lifting a new born calf on
his shoulders. Milo lifted this calf every day – as the calf grew heavier, so grew
Milo’s strength, until he was lifting a full grown bull. Milo’s story is allegorical,
but it demonstrates the core belief at the heart of our training philosophy – that the
simplest solution is usually the most effective.

That’s why the tools we use will be the simplest necessary: Kettlebells, Olympic
Bars, Sandbags, Rings and Pull-up bars, your own body. And, of course, the most functional
tools of all: education, intensity, consistency, and commitment.


Don’t ask us what your programme will be.

We can’t tell you until we meet you.

What we can tell you is this:

Together, we will achieve your fitness, strength, lifestyle and athletic aspirations.

We will achieve this by hard work and self belief.

Because when you commit and believe, anything is possible…

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