The Beast Within

The General would like you to answer a question.

When did you last make progress?

Be honest.

For some of you, the answer will be instant and obvious. Some of you make progress every week, every workout. You push yourselves every time you train. You have a structured workout with short, medium and long term goals.

The General congratulates you – you may stop reading now.

If you are in the majority of gym-goers and trainers, and you don’t know when – or even if – you last made progress, please continue to pay attention…

You need to address the above points. Your workouts will lack structure, they will lack targets, they will lack any sort of logical progression.

And most importantly, they will be too easy.


Comrades, there is no such thing as an ‘easy workout’. It’s an oxymoron. Stop lying to yourself.

A good workout is fun, but an effective workout is fun when it’s over.

If you want to have fun with your buddies, The General recommends, a meal out, a coffee morning, or a bodypump class.

If, however, you want to improve your abilities and your appearance, you need to do something more than ordering skinny lattes and trading Men’s Health training tips with your ‘bros’.

You need to stop being comfortable. You need to listen to that voice inside your head that doesn’t like you very much. The voice that is unsatisfied with how, and who, you are.

Listen to the Beast within.

This Beast within us is what drives us to exceed, to excel, to evolve. Without it, we’d never have got where we are, but in our society where mediocrity is praised, failure is excused and accepted, and the desire to improve ourselves is classed as arrogance or elitism, it has become commonplace to ignore The Beast.

Too many people think it’s bad to be dissatisfied with themselves. They think it’s ok to accept mediocrity, to be average.

The Beast within you doesn’t want you to be average.

So stop ignoring it.

Listen to your Beast within.

And unleash it.

General Out

The General -

Who I am doesn’t matter.
Who you are doesn’t matter.
What we know doesn’t matter.
All that matters is what we do…
Because we become what we do.

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