The Santa Workout

Merry Christmas, Comrades!

The General does not send Christmas cards. He does not see the point.

Sadly, he does receive them, and he laughs at the fat jolly man on the cards…

Is this what Santa looks like?



How would Santa workout?

Think about it, what skills does Santa need?

Explosiveness: He spends all night jumping in and out of his sleigh

Bodyweight Strength: He has to pull himself back up all those chimneys

Functional Strength: That sack of pressies for all those snotty nosed little kids doesn’t carry itself, comrades

Endurance: Santa’s workout lasts ALL night!

Speed: The whole world in one night? That’s fast, comrades!

You still think Santa is a fat man?

No way, Jose!

Santa’s kick-ass, and he trains hard!

Wanna train like Santa? Try this simple circuit, comrades! 60 seconds per station, straight onto the next, rest and repeat 3 times…or repeat all night for the full Santa experience….

1) Box Jumps: 24 inches for men, 18 inches for ladies

2) Burpee Pull-Ups

3) Commando Rolls with press-up

4) Sandbag Shoulders

5) Bodyweight Squats

6) Sprint 400m AFAP

Message the General with your comments…or complaints.

And the mince pies?

Try the Santa workout, and you’ll have earned them!


General Out

The General -

Who I am doesn’t matter.
Who you are doesn’t matter.
What we know doesn’t matter.
All that matters is what we do…
Because we become what we do.

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