You Become What You Do

Before I begin, let’s get something straight:
I don’t want to stop anyone doing things they enjoy.
Why would I?
So, today I’m not saying don’t do the things you enjoy.
I’m just saying this:
Think about your goals…and how you’re approaching them.

Because, if your goals are fat loss, muscle building, increased strength, or enhanced cardio vascular capacity, the following things will not get you there:

CrossFit, Zumba, Bodypump, Yoga, Urban Rebound, etc. etc.
Constantly training your chest and biceps to the exclusion of all other bodyparts
Grinding out monotonous hours on the cross-trainer or treadmill
Hundreds of sit-ups and ab-curl machine reps
Virtually any ‘celebrity’ endorsed DVD workout or diet plan.

This is how nearly everyone trains, right?
So it can’t be wrong, right?
I’m wrong, right?
Sorry, comrades…The General only speaks the truth, however unpalatable it may be.
Yes, this is how everyone trains.
That’s why everyone looks great, right?
Ok, back to reality.
Of course The General is right, but how do you incorporate this knowledge into your training?

Most simply, like this:
Think about the movements you do.
If they mimic movements in your job, your sport, your life, keep doing them.
We all pick things up from the floor – let’s call this movement a deadlift.
When did you last fix your elbows at your side and curl a weight up using the small muscles of the upper arm – let’s call this a bicep curl.

What if your training isn’t motivated by a desire to improve your functionality?
What if your training is for entirely aesthetic reasons?
Let’s call it vanity training.
Sadly, it’s quite common.
But it doesn’t change our policy, because as the old axiom tells us:
Form follows function.
So let it follow.

General Out

The General -

Who I am doesn’t matter.
Who you are doesn’t matter.
What we know doesn’t matter.
All that matters is what we do…
Because we become what we do.

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