Know Your Enemy

Who is your enemy? Do you know? Do you even know you have any? If you really do not know your enemy… Then The General envies your naivety, comrades. Anything that distracts you from your true path is your enemy. Anyone who diverts you from your chosen route is your enemy. Sadly this means anyone, anything can […]


Get A Grip

Hello Comrades. A long time has passed since The General last blogged. Many things have happened, and exciting times are ahead…but more of this in a future post. For now, just a quick word. A prod to keep you on the right track, to help you get a grip on your training, in the form of […]


Gold Dust

This is a story about what people believe. It’s a story about the truth, and how that truth changes for each and every one of us. And, obviously, it’s a story about gold dust.         The General’s good friend and sometime training buddy, The Dancer, popped her head round the corner a […]


Theory Of Evolution

Greetings, my fellow Spartans. Today, The General would like to quote from the classic work of flawed genius Charles Darwin, the Theory Of Evolution: “…From this it may be inferred that: In a world of stable populations where each individual must struggle to survive, those with the “best” characteristics will be more likely to survive, […]


A Conversation About Strength & Weakness

J-Dog: …it’s literally nothing to do with strength & weakness, the anti-inflamatory drug changes the dynamic between your stomach lining and stomach acid in favour of the acid, which is damaging. The General: But it hasn’t hurt [him]. If it was all about chemical reactions then strong people would get ill as often as weak […]

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