A Few Words Of Advice

This week, The General received an email from a potential Spartan who had read this blog and wanted some basic guidance on his training. The General is happy to give people simple advice, and it may benefit many of you to follow the advice I gave to my new friend. The correspondence is reproduced, below: […]


There Is No Tomorrow

‘My friend’s going to call you tomorrow about training’ ‘Yes, I’ll definitely be there tomorrow’ ‘I’m going to start training with you when I get fitter’ What do these statements have in common, Spartans? Simply: They are LIES. They are the lies we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about our inadequacy, our apathy, […]


What Would Jesus Do?

The General and his good friend The Hobbit were chatting about exercises today before we trained. The Hobbit suggested to me that a good way of assessing the suitabitlity of an exercise would be to ask if Jesus would do said exercise. It was comedy, ov corz, but then we started thinking about this concept, […]


Kettlebells, ‘X’ Training, And Five Minutes Of Pain

Happy Tuesday, Spartans.   The General and his good friend Animal, have recently been in Scotland for the 2nd Annual Russian Martial Arts Festival, where we fought, lifted Kettlebells, and drank lots of coffee (long journeys +, short sleeps = lots of coffee!)   One day, all men, and many women, will live this way. […]


The Secret

The General is often interrupted by people asking him similar questions: What’s the best exercise for getting big shoulders? What’s the best way to make my core strong? What’s the best way to…blah, blah, blah. You get the picture, Spartans. Maybe you, too, ask these questions, or something similar. Why do you ask? Chances are, […]

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