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What Makes Us Different…

Craig Gilkes founded Sparta Fitness in 2003, and has over 20 years competitive and coaching

experience, stretching back to the 1980s.

Craig is one of only a handful of trainers in Great Britain to have attained Level I and Level II

RKC Kettlebell certifications, and is one of the most highly experienced and qualified Russian

Kettlebell Instructors in the country (click here to read Instructor reviews)

Craig is also one of less than ten non-Russian RAF (Russian All-Round Fighting Federation)

certified instructors in the world, and was a silver medallist at the inaugural British RAF

Championships in 2010 (click here for more information on Russian Martial Arts)

During the last few years Craig has travelled, trained, and coached throughout Scandinavia,

Russia, and the United States to further his knowledge and experience.

Craig is one of few independent trainers in the country to be IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative)

certified to work with both the disabled and clients in need of rehabilitation. He is also a

qualified Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant.

The following words are quoted by kind permission of the RAFuk President:

“I have been lucky enough to know Craig Gilkes for the past 2 years, and he is one of the most positive people I have ever met. His kindness and enthusiasim is infectious.

He is at present a level 3 instructor within the Russian All Round Fighting Federation and I have little doubt that he will go on to achieve all the goals in this system that he strives for.

He has proved his courage many times, fighting full contact in both Russian fist-fighting and kick fighting, which is a thing many ‘seasoned’ fighters shy away from.

I count Craig as a brother and friend, and wish him the greatest success in his goals.”

Darrin Richardson BSc. MS

President of The Russian All-Round Fighting Federation

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